Placing of the commemorative plaque to the Čura family


  In King Aleksandar Street no. 1, as part of commemoration of 73 years since the Novi Sad Raid, a commemorative plaque was revealed, dedicated to the Čura family, 16 members of which were killed on 23 January 1942 in Novi Sad and Čurug.

– We who create politics must develop the culture of remembering, so that we never forget the victims, and we should work on tolerance in order not to repeat these sufferings in the future – said Vanja Vučenović, member of the City Council in charge of culture.

  The plaque bears names of the victims, and on the bottom is a line by Isidora Sekulić: ’Life may be short, but memory of a life can last forever’.

  Writer, lawyer and the president of ‘Adligat’ association, which launched the initiative to place the plaque, Viktor Lazić said that it is his wish to open a museum of Novi Sad Raid, as well as that this commemorative plaque is the first big step towards achieving this goal.

– The Čura family lost 16 of its members. Nadežda Čura and Ljubica Sazdanić were taken from this building to be brutally murdered. This was a great tragedy and I think that it is extremely important, for the culture of remembering, that this plaque was placed – said Mr Lazić.

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