Jewish music presented to citizens of Novi Sad


  Young members of the quartet ‘Kol Shel K’Fir’ held a concert in front of the full Youth Forum, within the programme ‘Freezing Silence Speaks’ organised by the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad that commemorates the victims of Novi Sad Raid of 1942. The audience had a chance to hear a selection from their rich repertoire, and get to know Jewish music.

  Founder and musical director of the quartet, musical artist and Master clarinet performer Leon Kajon, said that they mostly performed traditional melodies at the concert. There were songs with religious texts, arranged for quartet, classical compositions for dancing, some traditional songs performed at weddings… They wanted, as Mr Kajon said, to take a ‘piece’ from all spheres of life where you play music, and in that way show the whole spectrum of different types of Jewish music in order to give their own contribution to the manifestation that is of great importance for Novi Sad.

  The quartet was founded in 2008 with the idea to bring Jewish music closer to non-Jewish population through specific arrangements that are of chamber music type, but the ensemble also holds concerts in certain clubs in a more relaxed atmosphere. Their goal is to make music that can be performed on various occasions. Current members are: Leon Kajon (clarinet), Julija Bal (piano), Bojana Jovanović (violin) and Mirjana Lalošević (cello).

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